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Divyanka Tripathi with beau Sharad malhotra latest pictures

Beautiful tv actor Divyanka Tripathi aka divya with beau Sharad malhotra aka sagar of Banoo mein teri dulhann real life latest pictures.Doesn’t the couple look beautiful together.Hmmmm looks like made for each other…..

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Divyanka Tripathi latest pictures

Beautiful telly babe Divyanka Tripathi aka divya of ‘Banoo mein teri dulhann’ latest pictures

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I am getting married soon: Divyanka Tripathi

I am getting married soon: Divyanka Tripathi

The very mellowed-down Vidya in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann has changed into the boisterous and modern Divya after re-birth!
The actress who stormed into the hearts of the viewers as the innocent Vidya 2 years back, Divyanka Tripathi is now confident that the same audience will accept and appreciate her new westernized avtar too!
Here is a heart-to-heart talk with the ever smiling beauty!

Q. Is the recent story track of Dulhan…inspired by the film Karz?
A. No, not really inspired by Karz. The only common factor is the track on reincarnation! In the film, Rishiji (Kapoor) was reborn to take his grudge, but here the couple is reborn to finish their incomplete love story from the previous birth.

Q. How would you differentiate your present character in comparison to your previous one?
A- Both the characters are totally different from each other. Vidya was simple and sober in nature, while the new Divya is really modern in her thoughts.

Q. Which of the two is closer to your real self?
A. I think my real self has some shades of both the characters. I prefer to live a simple life, but at the same time I move forward with the advancement of the modern world.

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Divyanka Tripathi-Getting Famous Internationally(Among NRIs)

Her infectious smile radiating the TV screen is what endears Divyanka Tripathi to many.

And that’s precisely the reason why she gets offers for many ad shoots abroad. “I guess NRIs like me better, so I’m in great demand there. May be they fantasise about someone like me,” says the reigning actress of popular soap Banoo Main Teri Dulhann.
Considering that she has been associated with the show for a very long time now, are there any more shows in the pipeline? “Well, there have been a lot of offers. But I can’t take up any fiction shows at the moment because if I take up any, I won’t be able to do justice to it,” she says matter-of-factly.

What about the deglam, boring image that she portrays on screen? Does she personally choose to be that way in real life or is it because of the role of a simple girl she plays in the soap?

“I choose to be that way. Even when I was playing the role of a modern girl when the show went through a reincarnation phase, I preferred to use very less make-up. Though I could wear different types of clothes I was comfortable being very simple. But that doesn’t mean I’m against western stuff,” she clarifies.

At one point of time, the actress had gone on record saying that TV actors are the most underpaid? Does she feel the same now? “No, now there are no complaints as everybody is decently paid,” she smiles.

Talk about the great onscreen chemistry that she shares with her co-star Sharad Malhotra and rumours of them being very close and she just laughs it off, “We fight like cats and dogs on the sets. But the moment we are on camera, our chemistry rocks.” On a more serious note, she says, “Sharad and I are just very good friends and are a great support system to each other.”

So is she single and ready to mingle? “Yes, I’m very much single, but I’m not ready to mingle,” signs off Divyanka as she gets ready for her shoot.

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